Are We Web Yet (AWWY) is curated by:

Benjamin Kampmann

Freelance OpenSource Software Architect and Developer

I design, build and supervise the building of software (systems). Sometimes for clients, often times on my own, whenever possible as OpenSource. I care about good design in both, the User Experience and backend architecture and infrastructure. And I write about all this stuff.

Blake Grotewold

Mobile and Web Software Engineer For most of the day I work with customers to build to product and companies of their dreams. When I finish with their work, I give back to the communities I love, which are Rust and Python. Typically this is through open source software management and code.

Manish Goregaokar

I’m a fourth year physics student studying at IIT Bombay. In my spare time I do a lot of programming, often open source, and participate in communities like Stack Exchange. These days I contribute to the Servo browser engine and occasionally to the Rust programming language

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