Handlebars templating libraries now works with Serde data

Published 2016-02-01 under
  • templates
  • serde
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Posted on Rust Users Forum by sunng :

Just a quick update on my handlebars libraries: You can now use serde for template data.

This is implemented via a feature called serde_type. Internally we use serde_json::value::Value as data type which is pretty similar to the Json enum in rustc_serialize. Anything implements serde::ser::Serialize can be rendered. To use serde for handlebars-iron, configure your Cargo.toml like this:

  default = ["handlebars-iron/serde_type"]

The API is fully compatible with default one so you don't have to change any code except the data type.

handlebars core: github.com/sunng87/handlebars-rust handlebar iron middleware: github.com/sunng87/handlebars-iron