Herd - A HTTP load testing application written in Rust

Published 2015-06-23
Posted on Rust Users Forum by Jacob Clark (imjacobclark) :

Hi Rust community,

I have begun developing a unix HTTP load testing application written in Rust! It's main focus is being easy to use and low on OS level dependencies such as the JVM (because it's written in Rust!).

Currently Herd is able to spawn thousands of concurrent requests to HTTP endpoints by making use of unix process forking and multithreadding, however, there are features I want to implement, but I'm looking for contributors to help get the project off the ground!

Contributions very welcome in the form of pull requests in github: https://github.com/imjacobclark/Herd


  • Linear scenario
  • Ramp up scenario
  • Batched scenario
  • Accept command line flags to begin a test
  • Ability to create tests via a YAML config file
  • Export data to influxDB or other data store
  • Graph metrics