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Posted by ben :

About a month has passed since we relaunched AreWeWebYet and quite a few news and updates made the rounds. To make it easier for you to stay up to date with current developments in Rust-Web, we decided to launch the RustWebDigest – a semi regular blog series from the AWWY curators on the state of affairs and changes since the last update. Welcome to edition #1.

Getting started just got easier

We've added a new "Getting Started" section to the homepage to highlight great resources to make it easier for you get into rust web development. One especially important news in there was the launch of the clippy service by the Bashy Initiative, a rust linting service which ships with 100% annotated source code for everyone to learn from.

Servo in Summer of code

Servo was accepted to both Google Summer of Code and Rails Girls Summer of Code. If you are interested to join either program, take a look at the announcement blog post for more info

rust-url approaches v1

In other news from the servo project, the famous Rust-URL-Crate for URL parsing and handling is approaching version 1.0 and is looking for feedback on their API design and data structures.

Crate releases

Notable crates

  • Iron has published a middleware for session management, appropriately named: iron_session and we've found our first login-module: iron-login
  • oppgave is a simple redis-based worker queue implementation – finally!
  • polly offers a truly logic-less templating language implementation in rust
  • With the latest rust release 1.7 twox-hash jumped a major version and released its version 1.0!

Added to index:

The following have been added to our tracking index (and the website where appropriate)

Updates recorded:

Further more we recorded new releases to the following crates

Anything we missed? Let us know!


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