We are back, baby!

Published 2016-02-16
Posted by ben :

It has been long, since you heard from us. But we are back – with an all new shiny and new approach of trying to answer the question:

Are We Web yet

A relaunch was needed

A lot has happened over the last year in Rust Web-Development since the first inception of AreWeWebYet. While some parts of the ecosystem grew quickly, others are still lacking in features, support and stability. But the sheer number of packages we'd have to list now, would make the website inaccessible and hard to maintain. It was time to rethink how we could answer the question differently. The rewrite of this website is reflecting that, by not only giving a more nuanced answer on its main page, but also shed more light into each separate topic so you can take a more informed decision.

More, detailed info

Package Info

Among other things the new website gives much deeper insight on faster glance than you might notice. All package information is regularly synced with crates.io, the badges are even pulled live when you access the website. Each section has its own small indicator, giving you an idea of what the curators think about that particular part in one single glyph – more details about those in the help section of the about page.

Curated comments


But a version info and a package link don't necessarily say much about a project. At least not as much as an insight about the project from someone, who's used it. Which is why the new version of the website features comments by the curators or otherwise found on the web on a per package basis. Toggled off by default to keep the design clean, those allow you to catch a small glimpse into the inside of what means to use that package.

A news section

But the ecosystem is not slowing down, quite the contrary it is just getting started. And while the website is good for a quick glance at a specific point in time, it isn't particularly suited to keep up with the ever increasing pace of whats happening. This is why we also launched a News section and invite everyone to share their updates and news with us and the wider audience.

And if you are interested to stay up to date with news from the Rust Web Ecosystem, we know offer a nice and clean RSS-Feed for your convenience.

Under new management

One other change you might have noticed is that we moved to a .org domain, under the umbrella of the Bashy Organisation. This reflects the new, open approach in ensuring the website stays current with latest development. We moved it from its previous hosting provider (which only a selected few had access to) to Github-Pages, re-rendering the page with every Pull-Request merged or change made, and we are actively seeking for more people to help us maintain and curate the content.

We run the project under the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct and have a rather relaxed policy on giving curator-positions to others. If you are interested, please take a look at the Contributing Guidelines. We are looking forward to your contributions!


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