How is Rust deployment onto existing server infrastructures? Well, stuff is looking quite good actually.


Heroku is a cloud PaaS tool that supports collections of languages. It does not support Rust natively, however, you can run Heroku with, a popular but unofficial buildpack.

AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda supports Rust natively with an opensource runtime! There is also an unofficial but very popular AWS SDK, rusoto.


There are official docker images for rust (rust) with over 10+ Million downloads! There are also nightly images (rustlang/rust) if your application requires it. If you use docker's multi-stage builds, you can build your application binary and then copy it into a container. This allows you to avoid deploying the entire compilation toolchain with your web application.

Vercel Now

Vercel Now, (formerly Zeit Now) is a cloud platform for serverless functions. There is a a community rust runtime, now-rust.


Unikernels are the rising star and newest hot thing to do big scale deployment. With Rust being a system language unikernels are an obvious approach to the problem and doing your research you'll find that there is a lot happening here indeed. There's a number of unikernels which support rust:

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